„The municipality got the lift back!“

Arne Matthiesen, 80 years old

Arne Matthiesen, 80 years old. Lives with his wife Gurli. Hemiplegic after a blood clot in 2007. Got a RotoCare bed six months ago.

It bloody hurt so bad when the girls had to get me out of bed. When they tried to turn me around, the pain went straight into my hip. Then they put a lift on rails in the ceiling, but the straps from the lift squeezed up between my legs – ouch – and it was unpleasant and humiliating hanging in the air while a caregiver was behind me pulling my bottom to get me into the wheelchair. Since I have had this rotating bed, I have no more pain and the lift has been returned to the municipality. It is a wonder. All I need to get out of bed is a person to turn a knob in order to release the rotating function. My wife and I don't sleep in the same room anymore, but if I need to get up at night, I'll just call her cell phone and she comes in to turn the knob. No helpers needed. That's fantastic.

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