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The first RotoMobil® (later RotoFlex®) and MobiFlex® (later PhysioFlex®) were shown at the "Altenpflege" fair in Hanover and Guldmann GmbH products were accepted for distribution


Hans-Joachim Kleeberg founded PhysioNova GmbH with Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Peter Barthelt


New patented, level lifting mechanism for MobiFlex® (later PhysioFlex®) and RotoFlex®


Guldmann GmbH Competence Partners: takeover of ceiling lift assemblies all over Germany, service and maintenance


Introduction of RotoFlex® 1002, based on the latest RotoFlex® and RotoCare® models


Introduction of GigaFlex®, built-in bed up to 140 cm in width

Introduction of RotoFlex® 1002, based on the latest RotoFlex® and RotoCare® models


Introduction of RotoCare®, semi-automatic version of the RotoFlex®, specially adapted to care needs


Introduction of GigaFlex®, heavy-duty built-in bed up to 250 Kg and 140 cm in width


Introduction of RotoLow®, low-floor version of the RotoFlex®


Introduction of the heavy-duty version RotoFlex®1002


Change of generation in the family business: Florian Kleeberg, son of Hans-Joachim Kleeberg (managing director), together with his father, takes over the management as managing director


Expansion into a new company building after Obermichelbach in the district of Fürth (Bavaria)

Network/Our Partners

Our products are represent in:

PhysioNova products worldwide


From 1996 sales, service and assembly partner for Guldmann GmbH

From 2004: exclusive distribution partner UK Theraposture Ltd.

Till 2017: distribution Partner Denmark LewelPlus

From 2017: distribution partner Austria SunMed

From 2017: distribution partner France TousErgo

From 2017: distribution partner Netherlands ReActief

From 2018: distribution partner Australia Kinetic Lifestyles

From 2018: distribution partner Italy Centaurus Rete Italia 

From 2018: distribution partner scnadinavia Welldana Innocare

From 2018: distribution partner Switzerland PhysioNova Schweiz

From 2018: distribution partner & Joint Venture China PhysioNova China & Lian Ying Furniture

From 2019: distribution partner Italy LIFE

From 2019: distribution partner Austria Sanitätshaus Maierhofer

From 2019: distribution partner Middle East Theraposture Ltd.

From 2019: distribution partner USA Theraposture Ltd.

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, Florida, France, Greenland, Hungary, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Texas, United Kingdom

Permanent exhibitions of RotoFlex®/RotoCare® in Germany

  • Permanent exhibition for medical aids at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences:
    The exhibition on barrier-free living at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, advises in the field of 4: social work and health for medical aids and shows among other things a RotoFlex®, which can be inspected and tested.
  • Show apartment "Facilitation" at OTB Berlin:
    The "RotoFlex®" is part of the 140 square metre show apartment of the project Facilitation, an AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) joint project of OTB with over 50 partners from research, industry and services. The show apartment is intended to give people with physical impairments the opportunity to live self-sufficiently - in the category "best realised project", "Facilitation" reached third place.
  • Show apartment at the housing advice centre in Tirschenreuth:
    The district of Tirschenreuth has a wide range of medical aids in its housing advice centre and, with expert advice, provides a RotoFlex® to try out.
  • Show apartment at the DGM in Freiburg-Waltershofen:
    The Federal Office of the German Society for Muscular Dystrophy shows, among other things, a RotoFlex® in its two show apartments, which is incorporated in the barrier-free living concept. Those who are interested can live in the apartment for several days.


Association memberships

Member of Medical Valley


2000: Participation in the project of the Fraunhofer Institute, ILO, Stuttgart
"Intelligent (at) Home - independence in old age and disability"

2011 – 2014: Economic feasibility study in the municipality of Viborg in the nursing home at Abrinken in Denmark

2013: Participation in the AAL project "PASSAge" of the TU Munich

2011 – 2014: Disabled and age-appropriate assistance technologies for independent living in cooperation with the "International DiaLog College and Research Institute" of the diaconia

2017: Participation in the AAL project of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Health and Social Services (Prof. Dr. Zacher)

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