RotoFlex® Basic

RotoFlex® Basic - The Basis for a Self-Determined Life

The RotoFlex® Basic offers all the essential basic functions of the RotoFlex® sit and rise bed: The standing up function supports physiologically correct standing up, the reliable processor control protects against application errors and the patented safety anchorage of the mattress prevents slipping. The RotoFlex® Basic is absolutely stable and stands out due to its high-quality workmanship.

The standing up function corresponds to that of the proven RotoFlex®: Standing up and lying down is done at the push of a button by the user.

Differences to the RotoFlex® system

  • No different seat depths available
  • Maximum permissible patient weight 135kg, safe working load 175kg
  • Only available as a free-standing nursing bed - Not available as a built-in version
  • Length and width cannot be adjusted

Assembly and Transport

No special tools or knowledge are required to set up the RotoFlex® Basic - the necessary Allen wrench is included in the scope of delivery. The direction of rotation of the bunk bed can also be changed without additional tools. The RotoFlex® Basic can be stowed and shipped, including accessories, on Euro pallets - if you encounter any problems with the installation despite the user-friendly handling, we are at your disposal by telephone.

Our service option: If desired, installation can be carried out in your company, including instruction.

The transport adapter included in the scope of delivery makes it easy to assemble, disassemble and transport the bunk bed. The RotoFlex® Basic can be divided into seven individual parts: The heaviest part weighs 34 kg, the others weigh a maximum of 26 kg. The total weight is 160 kg.

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Technical data:


Height: 40 – 80 cm
Width: 95 cm
Length: 220 cm
Mattress size: 85 x 213 cm

Available with numerous accessories

Regulations and standards:
RotoFlex® has a CE marking and complies with the current European standards and guidelines for nursing beds.

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