Getting up and Mobilising with the RotoFlex® Basic Plus - The cost-effective Helper for Independence and Care

The RotoFlex® Basic Plus is an innovative stand-up bed that was developed to improve the quality of life, independence, comfort and mobility of patients. It enables patients to stand up without outside help - thus maintaining independence and preventing them from leaving their familiar surroundings.

The RotoFlex® Basic Plus fulfils all the functions of a fully-fledged healthcare bed. It is free-standing, stable and inclination-stable. The stand-up bed is available in a left- or right-turning version.

Leaving the bed means overcoming an invisible barrier for people with limited mobility. Until now, they have only been able to overcome this barrier with the help of others. The RotoFlex® Basic Plus overcomes the hurdle that forces those affected to lie in bed and blocks their access to what is happening outside the bed.


RotoFlex® Basic Plus: mehr Funktionalität und Komfort – auch für den professionellen Einsatz

The RotoFlex® Basic Plus has the following functions in addition to the functions of the RotoFlex® Basic:

  • It is optionally machine washable.
  • The extended safe working load is 235 kg and thus a maximum patient weight of 200 kg.
  • All panels are magnetically attached so that they can be easily removed and cleaned for optimum hygiene.
  • The lying surface is partially equipped with spring slats for greater sitting and lying comfort. The strength of the spring slats can be individually selected.
  • The wheels are equipped with central locking on each axle for easier operation. This is particularly practical if the bed is placed against a wall or in a corner and is moved frequently.
  • The attractive cladding in wood decor blends into the existing living environment.
  • Optional with height-adjustable footrest

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