„Ich war irgendwie skeptisch.”

Inger Pagh, 64 years old

Inger Pagh, 64 years old. Has great back pain and difficulty to stretch out her legs. Lives at Lind nursing home.

I did not ask for a RotoCare bed – it was the nurses, who thought it would be a good idea. I was somewhat skeptical, but I must admit that I have been happy with it. With the old bed the caregivers had to twist my back in order to get me out of bed, and it was very painful. With this bed there is no pain at all in these situations, and it's like an ordinary bed to sleep in.

„I would not do without it.“

Line Søe Plesner, SSA

Line Søe Plesner, SSA at Lind Plejecenter.

It is a huge help. I no longer have to pull Inger and strain my own back, and she no longer has pain. Previously we would literally drag her out of bed since she wasn't even able to help; now we just rotate the bed and have her turn towards the floor then help her into a stand-up hoist. There are very good handles on the bed which she can grab and that way she can bend a little forward to help us put the strap around her. Earlier we would have to lean over and hold around Inger while putting on the strap, since there are no handles on a regular bed. I would not do without it, and I have so many patients who would benefit from a RotoCare bed.

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