„It is just brilliant.“

Tommy Hansen, 47 years old

Tommy Hansen, Sorgenfri. 47 years old. Born spastic. Has had a RotoFlex bed for 10 months.

I have big problems with my stomach, and sometimes things go wrong for me at night. Earlier on this caused me a lot of trouble because I'm spastic. I had to drag myself out of bed, and often it was smeared all over. It was both humiliating and a hassle since I had to clean it myself.

Actually I wasn't authorized to receive a care bed, but this one had been left somewhere and I was allowed to have it. That was really lucky for me. The mattress turns with the bed, which means that if I have an accident at night, it is no longer smeared all over the bed but it stays on the mattress. This makes me less angry and upset because I can take care of it in a jiffy.

I have nothing bad to say about this bed at all. I have even discovered that it offers me a whole lot of other benefits. Getting so easily out of bed reduces my fatigue and allows me to dedicate my energy to more interesting things. It is just brilliant.

The helpers are also very excited about it. Most had never seen such a bed before and often they bring in other colleagues to show it to them.

And it looks nice. Of course, I know very well that it is a care bed, but nevertheless it doesn't have to look like I am going to die within six months.

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