A step towards stress-free mobilisation and more time for dignified care

The RotoCare® is an innovative care bed that allows stress-free mobilisation without transferring the patient. Patients are passively mobilised: remote lifting and long-term health damage are avoided. Failure times are minimised and a longer stay in the workplace is possible. More space is created for quality of care.

The RotoCare® fulfills all the functions of a fully-fledged nursing bed. It is free-standing, stable and level. The rising bed is freely rotatable to the right as well as to the left.

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Technical data:

Standard version

Height: 40 – 80 cm
Width: 95 cm
Length: 220 cm
Matress Size: 90 x 210 cm
Wood: Maple/Beech

Available with numerous accessories

Regulations and standards:
RotoFlex® has a CE marking and complies with the current European standards and guidelines for nursing beds.


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Individual Customisations

As required, the RotoCare® is available in various designs and special designs - the specific requirements for equipment and optics can be implemented individually. It can be enhanced with additional accessories such as bed barriers, trapeze bars, alternating pressure mattress, etc., can be extended as desired and thus adapted to the specific requirements of the patient.

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