„Now I get up without pain.“

Jack Jønsson, 71 years old

Jack Jønsson, Ishoej. 71 years old. Is hemiplegic after a blood clot. Has had a RotoFlex bed for a year.

I used to have a regular nursing bed without the rotate function. To get me out of bed, the caregivers put a towel around me and just pulled. For me it was painful and for them it was a bad posture.

Then I had an ingenious technology supervisor who had seen the RotoFlex bed at an exhibit and thought it might be good for me. I tried it at the Handicap Institute and I immediately thought: This is the thing for me! I got it later on that same afternoon, and it was absolutely fantastic.

In the past I felt very handicapped and this was a big nuisance to me. I don't feel that way anymore, and the atmosphere during the caregiving is also much better now. Since it used to be painful I sometimes spoke harshly to the caregivers and they too got frustrated.

Now they call me ten minutes before they arrive, and by then I have already moved the bed into a sitting position with my remote control. The caregivers fix everything – shoes and pants and socks – while the bed is rotated and with my feet pointing towards them, and they are so happy with it. Sometimes they even bring their families to work to let them see the wonder. They are very thrilled about it.

„It’s the best thing that has happened to Jack.“

Kirsten Jønsson, Jack's wife.

It is quite amazing what the RotoFlex has done for Jack. He has become such a happy person thanks to this bed. Happy because he has more dignity now. And happy because he is not a nuisance to others.

For me it is pure joy with his new bed, because I used to struggle to get him out of the old one. Jack just moved into senior housing because he thinks taking care of him was too hard for me. So now the caregivers benefit from the RotoFlex. We are really grateful to the municipality for giving Jack this bed.

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